If you could imagine yourself drawing a ring around the earth, just think of the kinds of people you would see all at once.

You would see the crippled and the blind and the leprous. You would see the fat, the lean, the tall and the short. You would see the dirty and the clean. You would see some walking safely along the avenues with no fear of a policeman but you would see  also those who skulk in back alleys and crawl through broken windows. You would see those who are healthy and you would see others twitching and twisting in the last agonies of death. You would see the ignorant and the illiterate as well as those gathered under the elms in some college town, nurturing deep dreams of great poems or plays or books to astonish and delight the world.

You would see the millions of people!

Their customs are not the same as yours, their habits are not the same. But they are all people. The thing is. their differences are all external. Their similarities are all within their natures.

God loves each of us in a special kind of way so that His Son came into and unto and upon the people of the world - and He even became one of those people. God sent His Son to the human race. He came to the people. Jesus Christ came to seek and to save people. He came to give life and hope to people like your family and mine. 

The Saviour of the world knows the true value and worth of every living soul. He pays no attention to status or human honor or class. Our Lord knows nothing about this status business that everyone talks about.

A.W. Tozer ( The Radical Cross )